The Asoka Trilogy



Everyone knows the name of Asoka but few know about his life beyond the sketchiest of details. This trilogy, based on ancient texts as well as folklore, attempts to give new life to a riveting tale. Uniquely conceived, the narrative juxtaposes two timelines, fifty years apart, drawing haunting parallels between them. The first features Chandragupta Maurya and his legendary Guru, Chanakya; the second, his grandson Asoka, and his Advisor, Radhagupta. The style is compelling, the action fast moving. Peopled by unforgettable characters, emotions, situations and events, the narrative has the irresistible force of destiny in a larger than life drama.  A classic series that will remain relevant reading decade after decade.

Much of what we know of Mauryan times stems from legend and storytelling, rather than factual historical record. The result is that we remain unsure as to what is fact and what is fiction, or perhaps an amalgamation of the two. Our knowledge of Ashoka, one of the most important figures in our nations’ history, whose symbol flies proudly on our national flag, is vague and ephemeral. This Asokan trilogy is an attempt to establish how the events actually occured, drawing from ancient texts and subtle legends.



Book I of the epic Asoka Trilogy revolves around the haunting question: Who will be the next Samrat of the revered land of the Aryas? The riveting narrative captures the decline of a golden age, the upsurge of greed and chaos, the dark aspirations of royal heirs, and the dramatic events in the remarkable life of a man of destiny.



Samrat Bindusar is dead. Ninety-nine of his sons stand in line for the throne. The winds of war howl over the sub-continent, blowing every last person one way or the other. Blood will be spilled, secrets revealed and men ruined. History shall be made. In Book II of the epic Asoka Trilogy, the storm approaches – the harbinger of death and destruction. When the dust finally settles, the great question will be answered: Who is the next Samrat?


Five years have passed since the end of the Mauryan Civil War. Samrat Asoka rules the Indian sub-continent from his capital, Patliputra. His brutal wars of conquest have earned him the name Chandasoka (Evil One). His enemies fear him, as do his own people. But the maritime republic of Kalinga stands free in the south-east, the last Mahajanpada, inspired by the values of democracy, equality and peace. In Book III of the epic Asoka Trilogy lies the answer to the great question: Who will be remembered as the greatest Samrat of the land of the Aryas?

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